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Content Audit - Web Template Files

By Sonia Kay and Ashley Friedlein,

This report is part of the Template Files for Web Projects bundle.



Web Project Template Files: Project Definition and Start Up
Authors: Sonia Kay, Econsultancy and other expert contributors
Title: Content Audit

About this Guide

In their excellent book “Web ReDesign 2.0 - Workflow that works” Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler address the issue of evaluating when to repurpose and when to retire content from a site. These days there are so few organisations building their first ever website from scratch, having the ability to evaluate content objectively is critical. Although a time consuming task, undertaking this process prior to planning and estimating for content provision (but after requirements gathering) could save you considerable time and creative resource later in the project by providing a clear view of what elements of the existing content can be reutilised or adapted to fit the objectives of the current project. The only way to do it is to look at each key page and decide which components are necessary to achieving the site’s goals and which are surplus. This simple template provides a framework for documenting your findings.