Econsultancy’s Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2012 found just 22% of almost 900 companies surveyed were happy with their conversion rates.

In Conversion Maximization – The Essential Workflow, marketers hoping to change that reality will find a host of thought provoking but practical ideas to improve their conversion maximization strategy and the conversion rates that follow from it.

About this report

Conversion Maximization fires a strong opening salvo: the call for a fundamental shift in the way marketers think about conversions. It suggests that discussions about conversion maximization tend to focus too early on specific tactics that eat at budgets and time, often aiming to fix the wrong problem.

The report offers a more structured approach to conversions and how to identify conversion barriers versus conversion drivers.

How can businesses achieve this goal? Conversion Maximization explains how to avoid common errors and to think strategically about conversion optimization:

  • Sidestepping the local maxima problem. Constant tweaks to a site only gets you so far unless you’re Google or Amazon.
  • Defining conversion barriers. Just what problem are you solving? It’s important to keep value exchange top of mind.
  • Consider quantum decisionmaking. Understanding how a prospect mentally processes her decisions will help you better define conversion barriers.
  • Determine conversion drivers. Once you recognize the factors that feed conversions, you’ll choose better tactics that improve your conversion rate.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Wrong Questions Lead to Wrong Answers
    3. Avoiding the Local Maxima Problem
  2. Part I: CMx Barriers
    1. Strategic Context: What Problem Are You Solving?
    2. Interaction Objective
    3. Prospect’s Decision-making
    4. Conversion: Not All Conversions Are Created Equal
  3. Value Exchange
  4. Quantum Decisions
  5. Multiple Decisions
  6. Summary: CMx Barrier Taxonomy
    1. Common Examples
  7. Part II: CMx Tactics
    1. Conversion Maximization Factors
      1. Usability
      2. Relevance
      3. Messaging
    2. Value Exchange Revisited
  8. Messaging Drivers
  9. Relevance Drivers
  10. Usability Drivers
    1. Information Flow
    2. Process Flow
  11. Summary: CMx Tactics Taxonomy
    1. Workflow Integration