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Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2013

By Econsultancy,

There is a newer version of this report available: Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2015


The Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2013, carried out in association with Responsys, contains a comprehensive analysis of the use of online and offline marketing channels, integration of display advertising and use of mobile for marketing. This is the second report of its kind, and is based on a survey of nearly 900 companies and agencies, carried out in April and May 2013.

The report gives comprehensive insight into the channels that companies are integrating into their overall marketing activity, the way companies are conducting relationship marketing, the barriers that are preventing companies from driving effective cross-channel campaigns and the online advertising trends that will impact the future of display ... plus much more. 

The survey findings are divided into the following sections:

  • Use of marketing channels and integration
  • Acquisition and retention marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Co-ordinated campaigns
  • Integration of display with other channels
  • Mobile 
  • Resourcing campaigns

Highlights include: 

  • Companies realise they need to more with relationship marketing, but most fail to do so
  • Integration increases as companies see the value of a joined-up approach
  • Lack of strategy continues to hold companies back, with little change since last year
  • Mobile advertising sees massive growth, but many companies need to catch up
  • The greatest opportunities for marketers are still online, but integration across channels will become more important

 Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary and Highlights
  2. Foreword by Responsys
    1. About Responsys
    2. About Econsultancy
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
    1. Use of marketing channels and integration
      1. Use of online channels / marketing disciplines
      2. Highest priority channels
      3. Channels with the greatest opportunity
      4. Integration of offline channels with digital marketing
      5. Extent of integration of online channels
      6. Extent of integration of offline channels
    2. Acquisition and retention marketing
      1. Area of focus
      2. Channels used for acquisition and retention
    3. Relationship marketing
      1. Use of relationship marketing
      2. Reasons preventing relationship marketing
      3. Opinions on relationship marketing
      4. Practices regarding relationship marketing
    4. Co-ordinated campaigns
      1. Factors driving effective co-ordinated campaigns
      2. Integration with email marketing
    5. Integration of display with other channels
      1. Integration of display advertising with online channels
      2. Relevant objectives from display advertising
      3. Types of information used to target customers
    6. Mobile
      1. Integrating mobile into marketing campaigns
      2. Types of mobile advertising
      3. Types of mobile solution
      4. Customer engagement via smartphones compared to PCs
      5. Customer engagement via tablets compared to PCs
      6. Targeting mobile display advertising based on location
    7. Resourcing campaigns
      1. Level of involvement
      2. Time spent on areas of digital marketing
      3. Areas that take up too much time
      4. Areas that would benefit from more time
  5. Appendix
    1. Job roles – in-house or agency
    2. Geographic location
    3. Annual company turnover
    4. Business sector

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