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Customer Experience Benchmarking: Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Selector Tools

By Econsultancy,


Econsultancy, in association with Global Reviews, has produced this customer experience benchmarking document for telecoms companies. It will help raise awareness of the key user experience success factors on telecom and mobile phone websites.

Although this document is focused upon the telecoms sector, many of the recommendations, practices and processes contained within can be applied to a wide variety of other industries.

The information within this 14-page report provides an objective and independent measurement of performance and best practices. It will help readers understand and identify opportunities for self-improvement. 


Inside the document you will find the following sections:

  • Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Introduction (Challenge, Context, Improved customer experience)
  • Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Selector Tools
  • Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Best Practice
  • Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Results Information
  • Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Calls to Action
  • Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Labelling and Accessibility
  • Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Customer Type


  • Pdf Disabled Customer Experience Benchmarking: Telecoms and Mobile Phones: Selector Tools (1.54 MB PDF)

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