The Customer Experience Maturity in Australia and New Zealand report, produced by Econsultancy in association with Epsilon, explores the extent to which organisations in the region focus on the customer, how well they understand the customer journey, how customer experience (CX) budget is allocated, how return on investment is measured and what the future of CX initiatives looks like.

The research is based on a survey of 350 marketing, digital and ecommerce professionals based in Australia and New Zealand.

What you’ll learn from this research

Key trends featured in the report:

  • Most companies have not reached CX maturity
  • Customer experience is a team sport
  • New channels and creative innovations are less important
  • The complexity of the customer journey is the main barrier to CX success
  • Responsibility for CX is widely shared across the organisation
  • Advanced CX organisations are more likely to use a broader range of technologies
  • Half of organisations understand the customer journey, half are still struggling
  • Advanced CX organisations integrate customer touchpoints
  • Understanding the customer journey is about driving business and helping customers
  • Responsibility for CX is allocated, but budget is not
  • Both qualitative and quantitative insights are used to inform understanding of the customer journey
  • Advanced companies are more likely to make improvements using insights
  • Return on investment is being measured in traditional ways
  • Companies will use CX initiatives to differentiate themselves from competitors over the next five years
  • Improving channels and understanding the customer journey

Features of the report

This 44-page report looks in detail at the struggles and successes of modern customer experience, and explores the extent to which organisations from Australia and New Zealand deliver a consistent and relevant customer experience across all touchpoints. It explores the following areas:

  • Delivering a great customer experience
  • Responsibility for customer experience
  • Customer experience technology
  • Extent to which organisations understand the customer journey
  • Benefits deriving from an understanding of the customer journey
  • Budgeting for understanding the customer journey
  • Customer data and insight
  • Measuring returns

Who should read this report?

The report is essential reading for both in-house marketers and agency professionals based in Australia and New Zealand, as well as those outside the region who want to understand what the level of customer experience maturity is in these countries.