The Customer Experience Maturity in India report, published in association with Epsilon, explores the extent to which marketers in India are focusing on the customer, how well they understand the customer journey, how customer experience (CX) budget is allocated, how return on investment is measured and what the future of customer experience initiatives looks like.

What you’ll learn

Find out more about the level of customer experience maturity at which marketers in India stand. Benchmark your CX capabilities against those of marketers in India and discover if you are well equipped to deliver great customer experiences. Gain an understanding of the most common barriers to understanding the customer journey and providing a positive CX.

Key findings from the report

Two in five respondents claim to be at an ‘intermediate’ stage in terms of their understanding of the customer journey. Just 12% of respondents say that their customer touchpoints are seamlessly integrated, to allow for the exploitation of opportunities. Three in five of those surveyed do not have a budget specifically allocated for understanding the customer journey. Download a copy of the report to learn more.