The long-held promise of digital is to make mass marketing personal. For years, the technologies of marketing have pushed the industry closer to the goal of one-to-one marketing, but consumer habits have changed even faster. The move to mobile pulled the rug out from under data-reliant marketers just as they were truly beginning to understand how to sell on the desktop.

To deliver personalized and valuable services, we have to know the individual. That knowledge doesn’t have to come with an SSN, ZIP+4 and credit score, but it does need to distinguish them sufficiently to know that one path is more useful to them than another. Today the industry is grappling with the fundamental questions of how to recognize individuals across devices and understand the complicated set of encounters that make up the customer experience.

The Customer Recognition Report, produced in association with Epsilon and Conversant, explores where marketing is today in its pursuit of personalized promotion and finds a stark gap between perception and reality.

The report is based on a survey of 220 executives with knowledge of their organization’s measurement and analytics capabilities. Sixty-three percent of respondent companies reported revenues over $1.5 billion in 2015.

Key topics covered

  • Recognition is the foundation for marketing’s top priority
  • Belief vs. reality in digital capabilities
  • Why the single customer view eludes marketers
  • Promise vs. reality in data management vendors
  • How to conduct a true capability audit
  • Why it’s vital to reduce data friction with customers, and guidelines for doing so
  • How to align the company behind measurement as a strategic resource
  • The internal threat to evolving measurement practices
  • The ongoing discrepancy between media allocation and customer behavior

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