The Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age Best Practice Guide, written by experienced eCRM and social CRM strategist Andrew Campbell, aims to help CMOs develop a future-proofed eCRM strategy, combining the best of traditional eCRM practices, tools and techniques with the rapidly emerging capabilities of social CRM.

A consolidated eCRM / social CRM planning model is defined to help senior marketers identify and manage these two complementary areas of activity and then realise these in a phased, low-risk and cost-effective manner.

A strategic overview of social CRM strategy and planning is outlined by way of context and orientation.

The report explains the challenges and opportunities that are offered by social CRM so these can be related to a more traditional eCRM model.

About this guide

The report has been written from a practitioner’s perspective and represents an applied and pragmatic approach to updating eCRM strategy and programme design to accommodate social media. It contains:

  • Cross-references to relevant business, strategy and marketing theory.
  • Cross-references to specific eCRM and social marketing theory.
  • A new analytical framework to classify eCRM typologies and strategies.
  • 45 questions to help you understand the key issues affecting your eCRM strategy.
  • Assertions and hypotheses to explain how social CRM relates to the broader eCRM strategy.
  • A new eCRM planning framework.

The guide is split into five main sections covering:

  • eCRM Theory – the historical context and theoretical framework of eCRM and its alignment with broader business strategies.
  • eCRM Practice – practical application of this theory to support a rigorous and effective approach to eCRM strategy and planning.
  • Social CRM Theory – the backdrop to the emergence of social media channels and their impact on the traditional eCRM model.
  • Social CRM Practice – the practicalities of designing and implementing social CRM programmes and integrating these with more traditional eCRM programmes.
  • Integrated Planning – a planning framework to support an integrated and customer-centric approach to eCRM and social CRM programme design and definition.