This report provides marketers with a pragmatic guide to data-driven marketing, covering the essential areas and setting out key strategies, methods and guidance that can support best-in-class execution.

It covers:

  • Data: The benefits data can bring, including deeper customer understanding and insights into value drivers and measurement.
  • Privacy: How growing privacy concerns and the need for organisations to have greater control of their data are bringing an increased focus on the acquisition of first-party data.
  • Driving business value: How a good data strategy should be shaped, including how to use data to support business and marketing objectives and articulate a vision for driving value for the business.
  • Best practice: The requirements for the highest standard execution of data-driven marketing, combining essential elements across people, process, strategy and technology.
  • Enhancing CX: How data can play a key role in customer experience with more sophisticated approaches to segmentation, allowing marketers to respond to data signals through the customer journey, and how to deliver personalisation at scale.