Digital advertising has grown to become the largest advertising medium in the UK, and is expected to represent 50% of total advertising spend across the world this year.

Econsultancy’s Trends Webinar for April 2019 looks at some of the key trends in digital advertising and explores the key considerations for those developing their digital advertising strategy and putting this into practice.

With programmatic now fully implemented into most media strategies we will also explore some of the new practices and trends shaping the industry.

This webinar is facilitated by senior Econsultancy analyst, Lynette Saunders.

Agenda Points covered in this webinar:

  • Trends in digital advertising and programmatic which are shaping marketing and media strategies.
  • Key considerations when developing a digital advertising strategy.
  • Implementing digital advertising and who is doing this well.
  • Exploring some of the new practices and trends shaping programmatic advertising.
  • The future of digital advertising.

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