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Rate Card Survey 2003: How Much Do UK New Media Agencies Charge?

By Econsultancy,

There is a newer version of this report available: Digital Agency Rate Card Survey 2016

  • What are average daily charge-out rates for different roles at UK new media agencies? How do they vary depending on the size or location of the agency?
  • How have day rates changed since the dot-com crash and are they going up or down now?
  • How big are UK new media agencies and where are they based?
  • How do agencies track time and what proportion of their work in project-based versus a retainer? What proportion of their work is done by freelancers?

These and other questions are answered by this Econsultancy survey which was completed by over 400 UK new media agencies of different sizes and locations across the UK in Augst 2003.


  • Word SAMPLE: Agency Rate Card Survey 2003 (364 KB Microsoft Word)
  • Word Disabled Agency Rate Card Survey 2003 (full version) (439 KB Microsoft Word)

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