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Digital Cream Singapore 2014 Keynote Presentation

By Ashley Friedlein,

Keynote presentation from Econsultancy's Digital Cream Singapore event on 22nd May 2014.

Digital Cream is an exclusive invitation-only roundtable event, giving senior client-side marketers the opportunity to learn from each other about the latest best practice, what’s working and what’s not. Delegates also discussed their future digital strategies and compared them with like-minded peers.

The event featured 8 roundtables, each independently moderated and focused on a particular topic with the roundtable attendees proposing specific questions or challenges they wished to disuss.

To deliver smart, and effective, agile marketing you absolutely need to apply both technology and creativity.

Ashley Friedlein, CEO, Econsultancy

One of the characteristics of the modern marketer outlined in our Modern Marketing Manifesto is agility: the ability to be responsive and adaptive, to be flexible and embrace change.

The 38-slide presentation by Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein focuses on the concept of agile marketing from the perspective of technology, process and people.

Ashley discuses his view on what agile marketing is, what this means for you and our entire industry, shows some examples of what the new 'good' looks like, and explores what the future holds.


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