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Digital Engagement in the Public Sector

By Tom Raggett,


Author: Tom Raggett
Pages: 30
Features: In-depth examination of how UK Government Departments are engaging digitally with their stakeholders and wider public.

About this Guide

This report examines the current use of digital channels within the public sector, with recommendations about organisational policy and structure, how to deal with new communications channels and ways of working more effectively. 

The research, based on a series of interviews with the Directors of Communications of 20 major Government Departments, examines how the Government could be using new technology and channels to provide better services while also making costs saving by embedding digital in civil service culture. 

The report, written by independent Government adviser Tom Raggett, covers four main areas: 

  • What does digital engagement mean to Government?
  • How [is the Government] structured to deliver?
  • What next for digital engagement?
  • Digital engagement in practice


The following areas are covered within this guide:

  • Broadcast communication is marketing
  • Policy making is most like crowdsourcing
  • Digital must not be a distancing mechanism
  • Digital is: Providing services
  • Digital is: Cost reduction
  • Important to consider the digitally unengaged
  • Departmental leadership defines digital engagement
  • Is “success the lack of failure”?
  • Departments which understand their stakeholders best are most advanced in digital engagement
  • Departments may not need a separate digital engagement strategy
  • Leadership can let go a little
  • Communications department profile
  • eCommunications teams still bear an imprint of their history
  • Training and skills
  • Active listening
  • Measurement
  • New metrics
  • Integration
  • Infrastructure
  • Enhance access to new digital channels
  • Consultation and policy development
  • Correspondence

You can download the free sample to see the full list of contents.

Who is this guide for?

This is a must-read for anyone working within a Governmental body, department or organisation. Client-side companies, agencies and consultants operating in this sector will also find relevance in this report.

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