The Digital Experience report, published in association with Sitecore, explores the extent to which brands are delivering what consumers want in the context of the digital experience, and whether marketers are prioritising the areas which matter. The aim of the research is to understand what makes an excellent experience, outlining the ‘must have’ factors that enable a good digital experience, but also what ‘going the extra mile’ means.

Based on a survey of nearly 1,500 marketers and consumers across nine verticals, the report also looks at the key differences between sectors, and how well sectors are performing in the areas that are perceived to be important by consumers.


We asked marketers to weigh the importance of 17 attributes describing different elements of digital experiences. We also asked the same of consumers, and compared the two groups in order to see how aligned marketers were to their audience.

We used a statistical technique called maximum difference scaling (max diff) to understand the level of priority respondents place on each of the attributes tested in the survey. This technique for determining ‘importance’ yields much better results than conventional market research approaches based on simply asking respondents to rate importance on a scale.

This enabled us to understand which attributes are necessary for a ‘good’ digital experience i.e. what marketers need to prioritise to avoid delivering a ‘poor’ experience. We also evaluated factors that move the needle, transforming a digital experience from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’.

What you’ll learn from this research

  • What are the most important attributes of the digital experience from the perspective of both brands and consumers?
  • Are marketers aligned with consumers with respect to what is important?
  • How well are brands performing across key areas?
  • What are the ‘must have’ factors, and what constitutes ‘going the extra mile’?
  • Where should brands be focusing their customer experience efforts to get the biggest bang for their buck?
  • How well do marketers perform across different industry sectors?

Who should read this report?

Anyone who is interested in improving the digital expericence their company or client provides will find this report useful. It will also be of interest to those who are looking to benchmark their digital experience against that of other brands, or any marketer with an interest in customer experience optimisation.