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Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide

By James Gurd,


In an increasingly competitive market, job descriptions serve as vital tools to help organisations attract and retain digital talent. Also, without a clearly defined job description, it is difficult to effectively and objectively evaluate each person’s fit for the role. The Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide provides you with a framework for planning and creating high quality, professional job descriptions to help organisations attract and evaluate candidates for digital roles.

What you'll learn

The Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide provides you with:

  • A framework for planning and creating high quality, professional job descriptions for digital roles.
  • A discussion of the strategic importance of clearly defining job descriptions.
  • An explanation of some of the new positions which have evolved as companies continue to mature and integrate digital into their operational activities.
  • Job description templates for different types of role within a digital team that can be used and adapted to suit your recruitment needs.
  • An overview of some the main roles that sit within a digital team.
  • A responsibility assignment matrix (RACI) which can be used by managers and recruiters to help them understand the types of roles and responsibilities that sit within each role.

Who should read this report?

If you are managing or hiring a digital team, this report should act as a useful and actionable tool that can be applied again and again. There are sections discussing the strategic importance of job descriptions for hiring the right candidates as well as usable templates that can be populated to hire for the majority of roles within a digital marketing environment.

James Gurd

"I’ve seen a noticeable shift in recruitment emphasis towards expanding internal digital teams and reducing the reliance on contractors for topic expertise. This is true in many areas where, typically, client teams had limited resource. For example, SEO teams are becoming multi-dimensional, blending the more common search marketing skills with detailed technical skills that are required to navigate the complexities of SEO for large catalogue and international ecommerce sites. This has increased the demands on client-side recruitment teams, with greater rigour around defining roles and job specs and following a clear process for finding and evaluating candidates. The job spec is hugely important because it encourages people to define the role they’re recruiting for and the skills required to satisfy it. It also provides a reference point for evaluating candidates consistently."
James Gurd, Owner, Digital Juggler 


We would like to thank the following for their contributions to this report:

  • Justin Taylor, Founder and Managing Director, Graphitas  
  • Lucy Reeves, Content Manager, Lovehoney
  • Paul Rogers, Independent Consultant
  • Graham Everitt, Ecommerce Consultant
  • Tim Watson, Founder, Zettasphere and Chair, DMA Email Best Practice Hub
  • Sejal Parekh, Creative Brand and Communications Strategist
  • Alasdair Wightman, CEO and Digital Analyst, So What Analytics
  • Joseph Sells

Contributing Authors


James Gurd

Ecommerce consultant and owner of Digital Juggler

More reports from James Gurd

James is an experienced ecommerce consultant and owner of Digital Juggler, an ecommerce and digital marketing consultancy. He has more than 12 years’ B2C and B2B experience client and agency side, providing ecommerce advice and support, as well as hands-on implementation.

He works with a wide range of ecommerce clients helping digital teams to create, implement and evolve digital strategy, of which team structuring and management is a core component.

James is a guest blogger at Econsultancy and can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn. He is co-host of #EcomChat, a weekly industry chat on all things ecommerce every Monday on Twitter.


Jonathan Hall

Founder and Owner, Cranberry Panda

More reports from Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall is the CEO and founder of Cranberry Panda. With over 15 years in ecommerce, the last 5 in ecommerce recruitment, Jonathan and his team have helped many retailers and online business build successful teams.

Jonathan has been lucky enough to get to know, and work with, much of the best talent in the industry - people that make a difference. He’s also been fortunate to work with many of the most forward thinking businesses in the online space.

You can connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn, follow the team via Twitter @cranberrypanda or visit the Cranberry Panda website.


Paul Sykes

Senior Managing Director, Page Group

More reports from Paul Sykes

Paul is a Senior Managing Director at Page Group with responsibility for five of its UK businesses.  The vast majority of his eighteen years at the group has been spent building Michael Page Marketing into the market leader it is today and, three years ago, he launched Michael Page Digital.

Page Group’s Digital business has seen rapid growth and now operates out of six UK locations and has over 30 fee earners.  It specialises across ecommerce, online marketing, design & creative and Development.

You can connect with Paul on LinkedIn or visit the Michael Page website to find out more about the services they provide.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

  • About Econsultancy
  • Document overview
  • Market context for this report
  • Understanding the scope of the report
  • Who it’s intended for
  • How you can use it

2. Evolution of Digital Roles

3. Importance of Defining Job Roles

4. Key Components of a Job Description

5. Digital Job Description Templates

6. Expert Advice on Writing Job Descriptions

7. Acknowledgements

8. Digital Marketing Job Title Glossary

9. Further Reading

10. Blank Templates


  • Pdf SAMPLE: Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide (990 KB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Digital Job Descriptions Best Practice Guide (3.87 MB PDF)
  • Excel Disabled Digital Team Responsibility Matrix (4.67 MB Microsoft Excel)

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