About the careers guide

This guide aims to provide constructive advice to UK-based senior digital professionals and those aspiring to such roles. Contained within this guide:

  • The key challenges for digital leaders, including how to identify what you want from your career and the different points to consider when advancing your career.
  • A discussion of digital leader roles, including examples from both the client and agency side and advice on working in either a freelance or consultancy role.
  • The skills required to be a leader, including practical examples of when these skills were used well and not so well.
  • Looking ahead for your career, featuring advice on improving your skills and experience.
  • Our Recruiter and Executive Search Directory, providing 14 companies who could help you secure the job you want.
  • The digital salary survey, provided by Cogs Agency, which can give you an indication of what you could be worth.

We also feature expert advice from 17 current digital leaders throughout the guide on what they have done in their careers.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About Econsultancy
    1. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. The key challenges for digital leaders
    1. Knowing what you want
      1. Your job title
      2. Finding the right employer
      3. Setting clear expectations with recruiters
      4. Tapping into the informal recruitment process
    2. Generalism vs specialism
    3. Conservatism v innovation
    4. Embracing failure
    5. Building relationships
    6. Sliding doors – the other side of the fence
  5. Digital leader roles
    1. Client side
    2. Digital agencies and technology service providers
    3. Consultancy
      1. Handling the move from operational to consulting
    4. Freelancer/Contractor
  6. What skills do you need to be a leader?
    1. Commercial awareness and strategic vision
    2. Clear communication
    3. Becoming an influencer
    4. Providing leadership
    5. Resource management and prioritisation
    6. Conflict management
    7. React and adapt
    8. Other key attributes
  7. Looking ahead
    1. Improving your skills and experience
    2. Taking the next steps
  8. Recruiter and Executive Search Directory
    1. Bearing Partnership
    2. Beringer Tame
    3. The Blueprint
    4. C4commerce
    5. Cogs Agency
    6. Cranberry Panda
    7. DNA | Dynamic New Alliances
    8. Just Digital
    9. PFJ
    10. Propel Executive
    11. Puregenie Digital Recruitment
    12. Quest Search and Selection
    13. Rubicon People
    14. Taylor Made Recruitment
  9. Salary Survey – Provided by Cogs Agency
    1. Creative
    2. Development
    3. Sales and Marketing
    4. Client Services
    5. Project Management / Producers
    6. Strategy
    7. User Experience
    8. Brands / Clientside

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