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State of Digital Marketing in Australia

By Econsultancy,

The State of Digital Marketing in Australia report, published by Econsultancy in association with Marketing Magazine, looks in detail at the current level of spending across different traditional and online marketing channels across Australia.

Nearly 500 companies participated in this research, which also looks at how companies are measuring marketing effectiveness, examines the barriers to digital marketing and ecommerce in the region, as well as assessing the existing levels of industry skills and knowledge. 

The 50+ page report includes sections on: 

  • Marketing budgets
  • Use of marketing channels
  • Use of marketing technology 
  • Barriers to digital marketing
  • Barriers to ecommerce
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness
  • Industry skills, knowledge and support benchmarking

There are five key findings apparent from this research: 

  1. Digital remains a priority, and the industry is quickly maturing
  2. Established disciplines complementary to emerging channels
  3. Measurement and attribution are high on the marketing agenda
  4. The digital skills knowledge gap remains, but is closing
  5. Marketers are still struggling to get senior buy-in

Table of contents

  1. Executive summary and highlights
  2. Introduction by Marketing Magazine
  3. About
    1. Econsultancy
    2. Marketing Magazine
  4. Methodology and sample
    1. Methodology
    2. Respondent profiles
  5. Findings
    1. Digital marketing outlook 2013
    2. Budgets
    3. Overall budgets
    4. Traditional budgets
    5. Digital budgets
    6. Use of marketing channels
      1. Offline channels
      2. Online channels
      3. Online channel investment 2013
      4. Mobile marketing
    7. Outsourcing
    8. Use of marketing technology
    9. Measuring marketing effectiveness
    10. Return on investment
    11. Barriers to digital marketing
    12. Knowledge, skills and support
  6. Appendix

Download a copy of the report to learn more.

A free sample is available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.


  • Pdf SAMPLE: State of Digital Marketing in Australia (743 KB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled State of Digital Marketing in Australia (2.15 MB PDF)

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