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Digital Marketing in Asia-Pacific: Training, Skills and Knowledge

By Rebecca Fannin, Jenny Armshaw-Heak, Econsultancy,

About this report 

Econsultancy's Digital Marketing in Asia-Pacific: Training, Skills and Knowledge is free to registered users (bronze members). The report is a qualitative trends briefing, based on telephone interviews across the region and a roundtable of industry leaders. 

It identifies and benchmarks the current state of digital businesses in the region, within the context of understanding wider personnel skills and training, the investment and importance being placed on digital resources and general online needs.

Until relatively recently, the digital economy has generally bypassed the Asia-Pacific region, but there's now a very visible and very fast emergence occurring. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the biggest geographical area of global online growth, accounting for more than half of the world's internet users within the next three years.

This 20+ page report explores the APAC digital skills and training training landscape, in preparation for this fast-approaching shift. 

Topics covered include 

  • Asia-Pacific digital skills and knowledge analsyis 
  • The training imperative analysis 
  • Corporate initiatives vs. the economy
  • Culture and mindset 
  • Recruitment and retention 

Table of contents

  1. About Econsultancy 
  2. Methodology 
    1. Interviews 
  3. Executive summary 
  4. Analysis: Asia-Pacific digital skills and knowledge 
    1. Strengths 
    2. Challenges 
    3. Opportunities 
  5. The training imperative
    1. Companies and brand organisations 
    2. Agencies and vendors 
    3. Skill Shortages 
    4. Digital hubs and knowledge development
    5. Corporate initiatives vs. the economy 
    6. The “ad-hoc” approach to training 
    7. Culture and the mindset 
    8. Recruitment and retention 
  6. Summary 
    1. The state of play 
    2. The place of training 
  7. About the author 
    1. Secondary author
  8. Econsultancy’s training credentials

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  • Pdf Disabled Digital Marketing in Asia-Pacific: Training, Skills and Knowledge (775 KB PDF)

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