Digital Shift, a quarterly service from Econsultancy exclusively for Enterprise subscribers, is intended as a guide to support strategic thinking.

Focused tightly on digital technologies, marketing and ecommerce, it’s about delivering actionable insight on trends that will be significant in the short to mid-term, and which can be used to generate new ideas, improve business performance and stay ahead of the competition.

The fourth report in this series, also available as a presentation and webinar recording (see below), explores the most notable developments impacting digital marketing this quarter. The critical shifts are summarised below:

  • Social media pick and mix

Picking up on a theme mentioned in the last Digital Shift, this quarter has seen some interesting data and some fascinating discussion on what the continued growth of social messaging apps could mean for generalist social networks like Facebook, and also for marketers.

  • Internet of Everything

The relentless march of software continues unabated and is becoming central to a future characterised by the so-called Internet of Everything, where connectivity is embedded into most appliances and devices as standard. We look at what the connected home could really mean.

  • Connected cars

There have been some interesting announcements in this area this quarter, so whilst we have yet to see the full potential, is the connected car at a real tipping point? And where will the money really be in this market?

  • Wearable technology

Described by some as the ‘Third Wave’ of computing, we are now seeing some fascinating developments in wearable technology that are beginning to reveal its true potential.

  • Location

Beacons are creating new opportunities for retailers to enhance customer experience, but there is far wider potential application of this technology – we will look at some of the challenges and opportunities.

We have recently seen some excellent examples of what a digitally-native approach to technology does and does not mean – we take a look at the key learnings for trends in organisational culture.