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Digital Shift Q2 2014

By Econsultancy,

Digital Shift, a quarterly service from Econsultancy exclusively for Enterprise subscribers, is intended as a guide to support strategic thinking.

Focused tightly on digital technologies, marketing and ecommerce, it’s about delivering actionable insight on trends that will be significant in the short to mid-term, and which can be used to generate new ideas, improve business performance and stay ahead of the competition.

The fifth report in this series, also available as a presentation and webinar recording (see below), explores the most notable developments impacting digital marketing this quarter. The critical shifts are summarised below:

  • What’s next in wearable tech?

Picking up on themes mentioned in the last Digital Shift report, this quarter has seen some interesting new moves including new hardware, an operating system for wearables, acknowledgement of so-called ‘wearable fatigue’ among consumers. Additionally, a brand famous for being a pioneer in this area has made an interesting move, distancing itself from connected, wearable hardware.

  • GAFA in the home

We’ve witnessed a raft of interesting announcements from Amazon and Google in particular (including a potential game changer from Google), demonstrating their ambitions to dominate the TV screen.

  • The trend toward anonymity

This is driven by a mini explosion in new and rapidly growing messaging apps with anonymity at their heart, with some interesting potential implications for organisations.

  • Facebook unbundling

A clear strategy emerging from Facebook to disaggregate key functionality into separate apps tied together with the same social graph.

  • Social commerce and data

The ever increasing ways in which brands are using social channels to drive direct sales and the more sophisticated ways that the channels themselves are utilising their huge data pools for targeting and advertising.

  • Digital organisational culture

What it really means to have a digitally native company culture and the new breed of productivity apps powering increased transparency, accountability and productivity.

  • The growing importance of softer skills

Brand new research from Econsultancy demonstrates the increasing importance of softer skills in modern marketing and what this means for recruitment and staffing.

Download a copy of the report to learn more.

The hour-long webinar recording features input from Ashley Friedlein, CEO Econsultancy and Neil Perkin, Consultant and Founder of Only Dead Fish.


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