Digital Shift Trends Webinar

Digital Shift is an exclusive Econsultancy webinar that curates and interprets the most important developments, trends and innovations in digital that you need to know about. Run quarterly, our experts focus on distilling the key developments that are really going to affect how markets are operating, what tools are used, and how digital marketing and ecommerce practices are changing. We make it simple for you to keep track of the key developments in digital technology and marketing.

Agenda Points:

  • The End of the Beginning – drawing on the latest thinking from the best analysts we take a broad look at the state of technology, and how the big platforms shifts (like machine learning) are shaping a new generation of challenges for brands in 2019
  • The Future of Search – we highlight the need-to-know trends in voice and visual search for the near-to-mid-term future, and consider the role of smart cameras, AR, and the potential for paid formats in voice search to create new opportunities for brands
  • Digital-Native-Vertical-Brands – building on our previous focus on disruption in the packaged goods sector, we focus on which are the DNVB brands to watch, what can we learn from how they build their brands?
  • The Rise of Contextual and Experiential commerce – shopping behaviour is changing more rapidly than ever so we consider the latest opportunities provided by contextual and experiential selling, from trends in mobile shopping behaviour to changing physical retail environments.