digital shift

Agenda points for this session:

  • Key takeaways from CES: With the Consumer Electronics Show having wrapped up for another year, Shift takes a look at the noteworthy products and services on show in Las Vegas including innovations in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector, augmented reality contact lenses and voice interface’s place in the home and behind the wheel.
  • Gaming and new era agencies: With the growth in the gaming industry and the rise of social influencers, there is a new type of hybrid agency emerging. One focused on new platforms and responsive to shifts in culture – part media company, part esports team and part influencer marketing agency.
  • The rise of super apps: Shift takes a closer look at the apps expanding horizontally from their initial proposition to become a new breed of ‘super app’. From Uber’s ambitions beyond food and taxis to Asia’s on-demand multi-service platforms and who might be the next super app.
  • Learning from startups: From reengineering categories around customers to ethical-based businesses, Digital Shift shares the most interesting ideas from a new batch of startups and what they reveal about the future of digital disruption.
  • Lessons from Jeff: Every year Jeff Bezos reveals some of his key strategies for growing and running Amazon in his letters to shareholders. At the start of 2020, Shift looks back at the most important lessons from the past 10 years of letters.
  • And finally… The art of superforecasting. Making accurate predictions about the future is notoriously difficult. Shift considers the essential ways companies and teams can improve their predictions.