digital shift


Agenda Points for this session:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Ashley Friedlein and Neil Perkin introduce Digital Shift for Q2 2019
  • New Retail: With digital increasingly impacting the retail in-store experience we look at the latest trends and the implications for brands, and what Alibaba’s new retail experience in China tells us about the future
  • The Rise of Digitally-Native-Vertical-Brands: With increasing focus on this emerging trend we look at what really makes brands like Harry’s, Glossier, and Warby Parker successful and the key learnings from the direct-to-consumer playbook.
  • Advertising in TikTok: Fast-growing social video app TikTok has started running ads. We look at the pitch deck for advertising on the platform and consider the latest ways in which forward thinking brands are using social media to drive sales
  • Key trends for 2019: We’ve read all the best 2019 trends projections so you don’t have you, and this Shift will summarise all the big themes
  • Q&A: The webinar is closed off with a Q&A session.