digital shift


Agenda points for this session:

  • The ever-changing martech landscape: With technology platforms playing an increasingly scaled and central role in marketing capability we look at the latest research into how the martech landscape is evolving and how marketers can make smart decisions about technology integration
  • Rapidly changing retail: With yet more big developments in retail this quarter, we consider the latest need-to-know trends in commerce including influencers as retailers, AI prediction, e-commerce media and a big move into commerce from Google
  • Horizontal innovation: With Airbnb moving into owned luxury apartments, and Tesla getting into insurance, the horizontal expansion of so-called digital ‘unicorns’ is becoming a real trend. What might be next?
  • The real implications of 5G: The arrival of 5G has been much anticipated but what will the likely implications be for marketing, commerce and content practice? Will it change everything or just be a faster version of what we already have?