digital shift

Agenda points for this session:

  • AI and machine learning: With new examples of machine learning’s applications emerging every week, this edition sets out to define exactly what we mean by AI and machine learning, how marketers can realise its potential and the distinct applications of AI, including the many different ways it can be used by businesses, and how this will most likely disrupt marketing.
  • Amazon: This report takes a deeper dive into this fantastically successful company to understand the lessons from how it solves growth problems, its formula for innovation and which industries it might disrupt next.
  • Smart home: This long-term trend has seen some interesting developments this quarter, including a patent from Google for what looks like an operating system for the home.
  • Quantum computing: Is this still a decade away or just around the corner? Is quantum computing poised to disrupt multiple industries all over again? Shift demystifies what it really means, how it really works and where it is most likely to have an impact.
  • New social: With new snackable video apps scaling fast, a new local social app from Google and the introduction of new ecommerce formats to existing platforms, Shift examines the latest developments in social and messaging.
  • And finally Shift takes a look at investments by one of the big four into brain-computer interface technology, and also the growing prevalence and accuracy of deep fakes.