As digital technologies drive rapid change in customer behaviour, expectations, and market and competitive dynamics, and with long-term trends dramatically accelerated by Covid-19, businesses need to find ways to be more responsive.

Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation: Agility and Innovation Best Practice Guide explains how organisations can adapt to changing circumstances, benefitting from  continuous exploration and innovation, by applying key agile principles to marketing, ecommerce and innovation practice.

Written by experienced blogger, writer and consultant Neil Perkin, the report provides best practice recommendations, case studies and useful frameworks for identifying the key building blocks of achieving greater agility, enhanced innovation and organisational change. It covers:

  • The 12 critical agile principles and how to apply them in an organisation
  • How to define a vision for a project or campaign that creates a compelling direction and informs the metrics used to measure progress
  • When is best to apply agile principles, and when it is best to stick to traditional, linear methodologies like Waterfall
  • The barriers to agility, and how to overcome them by nurturing an agile mindset
  • How to become an ‘ambidextrous organisation – a business that can balance the exploitation of existing advantage and models while exploring to find new ones.