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Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector

By Lynette Saunders,

Meeting the many challenges


In a fast-moving and highly competitive retail market, companies are increasingly embarking on programmes to digitally transform themselves.

The Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector report looks at the challenges that retailers are facing. The research seeks to understand best practice approaches from those interviewed, along with techniques and strategies that different types of retailers are adopting to increase their chances of success.


We carried out a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives from across a range of retailers to understand how they were responding to different opportunities and challenges.

Retailers interviewed included:, Asda, The Body Shop, B&Q,, Good Hair Day, Pandora, Schuh, Shop Direct, Tesco and Volcom, as well as a number of third parties.

We also looked at sector-specific data from our 2016 Digital Trends report published earlier this year.

You'll discover findings around:

  • Ways in which companies are putting the customer at the heart of everything to optimise the customer experience.
  • Making the experience more personalised is a top digital priority and how companies are focusing on ways to do this. 
  • The focus retailers are placing on blending the digital and physical experience and driving ownership of omnichannel across the customer journey. 
  • How retailers are looking to differentiate their offering and how pure-play digital players are focusing on delivering added value online. 
  • How retailers are driving forward cultural change in a digital-fast moving environment. 
  • How data-driven marketing is a key priority for retailers and the ways in which retailers are adopting a more data-driven approach.
  • How companies are using technology to enhance the customer experience.

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Contributing Authors

Lynette Saunders

Senior Analyst, Econsultancy

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Table of contents

1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

3. The changing landscape of the retail sector

4. Disruption and the need for digital transformation

5. Customer experience to become the key brand differentiator

6. Retailers prioritise targeting and personalisation

7. Delivering a seamless experience across all touchpoints

8. Driving forward a transformative culture

9. Data-driven marketing is key to delivering future success

10. Using technology to transform and shape the customer experience

11. Challenges ahead

12. Resources and further reading


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