This special edition of Digital Transformation Monthly looks back at the major digital marketing trends and developments of 2020 that shaped a range of sectors in an extraordinary year.

In the report, Rebecca Sentance reviews these trends, noting the predictions that can be made about the year ahead, including what developments may be here to stay, and what form they might take in the longer term.

Digital Transformation Monthly: 2020 in Review covers, among other stories:

  • How supermarkets are working to make online grocery shopping and delivery a profitable enterprise
  • How Covid-19 has driven myriad technological innovations in the retail space, including scan-and-go mobile platforms that allow customers to contactlessly check out of brick-and-mortar stores
  • How restaurants have adapted – and continue to adapt – to the rise in remote working
  • How hotels are taking advantage of this rise in remote working to keep rooms full
  • How the pandemic has ushered in a new age in remote healthcare, and how this may play out in the near future.