This month, Digital Transformation Monthly reports on the latest developments in retail and grocery, finance, healthcare and other sectors, taking a look at the launch of new online marketplaces, brands tackling sustainability issues and the circular economy, and the integration of AI into healthcare. Stories covered include:

  • Direct-to-consumer success: Nike’s DTC division reported particularly strong results in the company’s latest financial statement thanks to its ‘consumer direct acceleration strategy’. With livestreaming and customer engagement across digital platforms driving conversion, what can brands learn from Nike’s approach?
  • Zero carbon grocery shopping: Amazon is seeking net-zero carbon certification for its recently opened Amazon Fresh store in Seattle, which is expected to save nearly 185 tons of CO2 each year. If successful, the Seattle store would be the world’s first zero carbon grocery store. What does this mean for the tech giant’s sustainability goals?
  • Metaverse bank: HSBC has bought a plot of virtual land in online gaming platform The Sandbox, with education and financial literacy appearing to be at the heart of its investment. With JP Morgan already a player in the metaverse, will other banks carve out their own niches in this new digital world?
  • Pizza by drone: Domino’s has partnered with Flirtey, Inc., the owner of last-mile drone delivery company SkyDrop, to carry out drone delivery trials in New Zealand. With Domino’s rolling out a raft of communications upgrades in Australia, could drone pizza deliveries be headed for the country next?
  • AI in healthcare: With the NHS trailing mental health support chatbots and predictive technology to anticipate peaks in demand, what could be next for AI in healthcare?