This month’s edition of Digital Transformation Monthly takes a look at creative automation, retail media and merchandising, loyalty programmes and retail banking.

Topics covered include:

  • AI image generation: OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image generation tool is launching commercially in a beta programme to one million users on its waitlist. What could DALL-E AI technology mean for the future of marketing and the creative industries?
  • Retail media: With the launch of its ‘Planogram Publisher’ set to give brands more insight into their product displays in Tesco stores, how does the Tesco Media & Insights Platform exemplify ‘closed-loop marketing’ and the growing relevance of retail media?
  • Digital loyalty: McDonald’s has announced its rewards programme has increased adoption of the brand’s digital services in the US and has now launched in the UK. What are the long-term benefits for brands with proactive loyalty schemes?
  • Digital banking growth: Bank of America has reported continued growth in digital usage, with 72% of overall households using digital platforms. Are the scales now tipping in favour of online over in-person transactions?