This month’s edition of Digital Transformation Monthly explores the technology transforming how consumers engage and shop with FMCG brands. It looks at the trends that have bedded in since the peaks in ecommerce and online shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the solutions retailers are using to meet the challenges posed by the current economic climate.

The report covers:

  • Smart shelves: How is shelf-edge technology helping retailers to ‘future proof’ and optimise in-store processes?
  • Digital ad displays: As Tesco rolls out 100 new SmartScreens to display advertising, what is the role of retail media in helping brands foster engagement and deliver meaningful customer experiences?
  • App-based loyalty: What can examples from Kroger and Walmart teach businesses about the benefits of digital programmes for consumers and retailers alike?
  • In-store experiences: How are retailers experimenting with shopping formats that combine immersive AR experiences with utility and customer service?
  • Checkout-free technology: As Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology continues to gain traction with third-party retailers, what other checkout-free solutions are emerging that could challenge Amazon’s dominance in the field?