This edition of Digital Transformation Monthly examines the bold moves being made by businesses across the globe. With the worst effects of the Covid-19 crisis appearing to recede, brands are putting the wheels of their long-term digital strategies in motion.

In the finance sector, this means acquisitions, with Visa buying European open banking platform Tink and JPMorgan Chase acquiring digital wealth management service Nutmeg. In retail, the landscape continues to evolve apace: JD Sports is continuing its empire building, adding a raft of new (and in one case, unexpected) pureplays to its growing portfolio, and another major brand has announced its departure from the UK high street.

Other stories in this edition of Digital Transformation Monthly include:

  • Luxury retailer LVMH’s partnership with Google Cloud on AI and innovation
  • Tripadvisor looking to turn travel into a subscription business with the US launch of its Plus offering
  • The UK capital’s commuters no longer having to wait for the next Tube stop to send that vital email as the London Underground is set to get full mobile coverage by 2024
  • New research highlighting the ‘seismic shift’ in US retail and hospitality sectors during Covid-19, as well as efforts to safeguard against future crises.