This month’s edition of Digital Transformation Monthly looks at the rise of loyalty programmes, discussing how they have evolved and the factors contributing to the current surge of brand investment in digital loyalty schemes. It covers:

  • The evolution of loyalty: Loyalty schemes have come a long way from the early iterations of points-based systems. What features characterise the sophisticated loyalty ‘ecosystems’ emerging today?
  • Value for customers: As consumers look for better value in the products they buy, how has the cost of living crisis impacted loyalty in the supermarket and fast food sectors?
  • Retail media: How are brands including Tesco, Boots and Ulta Beauty leveraging their loyalty programmes to establish platforms in this rapidly growing advertising space?
  • Engagement 3.0: What can brands learn from loyalty-trailblazer Starbucks and its new ‘Odyssey’ programme, which makes use of Web 3.0 features including interactive games and NFTs?