This month’s edition of Digital Transformation Monthly reports on the rise of online marketplaces, with key stories looking at how companies in both B2C and B2B sectors are using marketplaces to diversity product offerings and become one-stop shopping destinations.

Stories covered this month include:

  • Marketplace growth: With consumers increasingly shopping via marketplaces, what are some of the key benefits identified by retailers that have launched successful offerings?
  • B2B boom: How did Covid-19 shift the balance on perception and usage of B2B marketplaces, and how is US firm Bay Fastening Systems hoping to revolutionise the supply chain with its new marketplace, the first of its kind in a vertical B2B space?
  • Hybrid operations: What can brands learn from discount luxury goods retailer Yoox as it launches its marketplace and pivots to a ‘hybrid operating model’?
  • Divergent approach: UK retailers B&Q and Superdrug announced marketplace launches within one month of each other earlier this year. How do their widely different approaches illustrate the variety of functions that marketplaces can serve?
  • Cross-border sales: As Walmart embarks on a ‘major push’ to recruit UK sellers onto its online platform, could a dedicated UK marketplace to rival Amazon be in the works?