This month, Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation Monthly reports on the latest developments in the retail and grocery sectors, and takes a look at insights and updates within FMCG, cloud computing, finance and digital marketing. Stories covered include:

  • Q-commerce: Russian-owned business Yandex is eyeing up the rapid grocery delivery market in London with Yango Deli, operating from four dark stores across the capital, but can it make a dent in the competitive q-commerce market?
  • Ecommerce: Unilever’s latest trading results reveal that its ecommerce sales grew by 38%, accounting for 12% of overall sales in Q3 2021, but with consumer behaviour returning to normal post-pandemic, will this growth trend continue?
  • The metaverse: What does Clinique’s launch of an NFT in the form of a digital collectible – winnable by loyalty scheme customers in return for their user-generated content – say about its intent to “establish a presence in the metaverse”?
  • Cloud technology: With Microsoft’s quarterly profit topping $20bn for the first time, thanks in large part to its cloud-based products, what advice did its CEO have for businesses still playing catch-up with digital technology?
  • Research: What does new research from the Advertising Research Community project show about online vs offline media spend, and the impobeaurtance of digital media to marketing effectiveness?

Read on for analysis of all these stories and more in our November edition of Digital Transformation Monthly.