This month, Econsultancy’s Digital Transformation Monthly brings together the latest news and insights from the retail sector, as well as new developments from finance and food and drink. Stories covered include:

  • Financial services: JPMorgan Chase is launching its first overseas digital banking brand, Chase, for customers in the UK. What features has Chase selected for its opening salvo in the already-pressured UK banking market?
  • Live commerce: JD Sports is getting ready for live commerce in partnership with mobile commerce platform OOOOO. With the UK selected as the proving ground, could Europe and North America be lined up as possible expansion zones?
  • Checkout-free technology: Aldi is the latest retailer to implement checkout-free grocery shopping on the heels of Amazon Go. What plans does it have for the £1.3bn earmarked for investment over the next two years?
  • Online sales: John Lewis’s half-year results for 2021 indicate a growing shift to online shopping. How will these results shape the brand’s future priorities and initiatives?
  • Food and drink: What direction will Itsu’s newly-appointed Chief Customer Officer Neil Miller take the brand in, following experience driving digital transformation at global brands including McDonald’s?

Read on for analysis of all of these stories and more in our October edition of Digital Transformation Monthly.