Digital transformation is the journey from where a company is, to where it aspires to be digitally.

A digital organisation is generally considered to be one that focuses on customer experience irrespective of channel and has a ‘digital culture’. But how do you get the right mix of skills, culture and technology in order to benefit the customer and the long-term health of your organisation?

The Digital Transformation Trends Briefing aims to provide a snapshot of the areas that are top of mind for marketers, exploring how brands seek to address the challenges and opportunities in this area. It is based on the issues discussed by digital marketers at Econsultancy’s roundtable-based Digital Cream 2015 London event, held in March.

Trends and developments featured in the report

  • The key challenges associated with digital transformation, such as convincing the board, educating other teams, joining up data and breaking regional/global silos.
  • People need a broad range of skills in order to contribute to a modern digital-first organisation: social, soft, hard, mastery of the generalist and specialist areas, and life skills.
  • Culture is all about behaviour and mindset: applying a few changes to the way the people and teams in your organisation work and interact with each other can have positive effects that spread externally.
  • Making the whole organisation and wider teams feel that they have contributed towards digital transformation success is essential.

Digital Cream

An exclusive invitation-only roundtable event, Digital Cream is an opportunity for senior client-side marketers to learn from each other about the latest best practice, what’s working and what’s not.

Digital Transformation

This trends briefings is part of a series of reports Econsultancy is producing relating to the topic of digital transformation.

Digital is changing faster and more profoundly than anyone could have predicted. Doing what you’ve always done is no longer an option.

The specialist Digital Transformation practice within Econsultancy  helps companies accelerate their journeys to digital excellence. We address the four vectors of change:

  • Your strategy – where should you be going with digital?
  • Your people – what teams, talent and skills do you need to get there?
  • Your processes – how should you change the way you work?
  • Your technologies – what platforms, software and data strategy will serve you best?

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