Econsultancy’s latest Digital Transformation Trends Briefing focuses on key themes, opportunities and challenges relating to the process of Digital Transformation as highlighted by marketers during Econsultancy roundtables in July 2014. The roundtables on Digital Transformation were attended by more than 100 senior marketers and included presentations from a number of key figures in the industry.

About this report

This briefing is based on the issues discussed by digital marketers at a series of presentations and subsequent roundtables hosted by Econsultancy in July 2014. The event brought together senior leaders for a morning of practical advice, case studies and insight in the key issues that marketers are facing today. The day focused on two elements of a customer centric organisation: building cross-functional teams to support change and driving business growth.

Speaking on the day were:

  • Ash Roots, Director of Digital, Direct Line Group
  • Neil Perkin, Consultant, Econsultancy and founder of Only Dead Fish and Fraggl
  • Richard Dodd, Director of Content and Digital Marketing Delivery, Skype
  • Mike Baxter, Consultant, Econsultancy

What you’ll learn

Discussions focussed on themes and challenges regarded by the attendees as important in their businesses’ digital transformation. The report contains insight into the first-hand experiences of marketers in their digital transformation process: what they are doing, best practice, challenges and progress. The report has been written adhering to the Chatham House Rule under which all Econsultancy roundtable events operate, which means that, for confidentiality, no specific company or person have had their quotes and experiences attributed, unless they were a speaker in which case permission was sought.

In addition to the insights shared at the event, this document provides background information on this topic, and points to reports and information sources that provide more in-depth analysis and discussion on the topic.

Further Digital Transformation reports from Econsultancy

This trends briefing is just one of many reports on Digital Transformation from Econsultancy. In addition to reports, we also run events and carry out consultancy for those wanting to embark upon, or currently going through a digital transformation. For more information, visit the Digital Transformation page.