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Digital Transformation: what it is and how to get there

By Ashley Friedlein,

An 86 slide PowerPoint presentation authored by Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein on the topic of 'Digital Transformation'. 

Whilst the presentation makes most sense when actually presented, this version has been authored so it is clear to understand even when read. Furthermore, this Powerpoint version has some additional comments and explanations in the notes fields. 

The presentation is broken down into six sections covering:

1. Digital Transformation - what it is and recent data and research on the topic

2. Strategy - what a digital strategy should include

3. Technology - the challenges of technology and the skills gap

4. People - looking at organisational structure, culture, roles & responsibilities, environment recquired

5. Process - how to address the speed, innovation and agility required

6. Business Transformation - how digital transformation is actually business transformation


  • Powerpoint Disabled Digital Transformation: what it is and how to get there (17.2 MB Microsoft PowerPoint)

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