Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) is a rapidly evolving area of ecommerce that presents opportunities for businesses of all types, whether digital disruptors or legacy brands. DTC models enable businesses to grow their propositions and develop more direct relationships with customers. This report discusses the drivers and principles of DTC, and provides businesses looking to forge a path in this growing market with comprehensive best practice guidance. It covers:

  • Benefits: From control over the storefront and to driving customer lifetime value (CLV), what do businesses of every stripe stand to gain by adopting DTC models?
  • Key models: What are the core capabilities of DTC models, what are the routes to market, and what can be learned by studying approaches other brands have taken?
  • Managing margins: With attractive margin prospects for both startups and legacy brands, what are the pitfalls businesses should be aware of when looking at profitability?
  • Customer-centric: What are the different approaches for prioritising customer experience, and how does content and community strategy play a part?
  • Data and agility: What metrics matter, and how can businesses capitalise on the customer data and speed to insight that DTC enables?