Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Best Practice Bundle sets out a blueprint for businesses looking to review, update or create their ecommerce proposition amid rapidly shifting competitive, technological, and market contexts.

Based on the premise that the customer should always be at the heart of ecommerce strategy and execution, the bundle contains four reports structured around the customer journey, each covering a different area of focus.

Strategy and Operations: How businesses can prime their ecommerce strategy and operations with technology, resourcing and analysis. Ecommerce Best Practice: Strategy and Operations

Generating Demand: How businesses can generate demand by focusing on seamless customer experiences and maximising their reach using search. Ecommerce Best Practice: Generating Demand

Converting Demand: Strategies for turning demand into conversions and maximising value to realise the true potential of ecommerce.
Ecommerce Best Practice: Converting Demand

Measurement: The fundamentals of ecommerce measurement and tactics for driving insights at each stage of the customer journey.
Ecommerce Best Practice: Measurement

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