Converting demand into sales is fundamental to ecommerce success and it requires multiple strategies. Businesses need to provide customers with a compelling online proposition, and they must optimise sites to ensure a seamless user experience, all while capitalising on opportunities to maximise value and drive retention. This report looks at these strategies in detail and provides illustrative best-in-class brand examples.

It is part of Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Best Practice Bundle, which sets out a blueprint for businesses looking to review, update or create their ecommerce proposition amid rapidly shifting competitive, technological, and market contexts.

The report covers:

  • Online value propositions (OVPs): What are the essential components of a successful OVP and what can brands learn from best-in-class examples?
  • Persuasion principles: Why do people say ‘yes’? How can Cialdini’s six key principles of persuasion be applied to ecommerce strategy?
  • Customer acquisition: What formula can marketing teams use to identify their most effective channels and ensure they are not just driving traffic, but getting the right traffic?
  • The ‘digital shelf’: Which elements make up the ‘digital shelf’ and how can brands ensure they are properly optimising each one to drive sales and conversion?
  • Setting ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ goals: What tactics can marketers employ to improve average order value, customer retention and customer lifetime value?