A thorough understanding of the customer is critical for ecommerce success. Driving the demand and traffic that will lead to conversions and sales is rooted in customer knowledge. This report looks at how businesses can generate demand by applying that knowledge to create seamless shopping experiences.

It is part of Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Best Practice Bundle, which sets out a blueprint for businesses looking to review, update or create their ecommerce proposition amid rapidly shifting competitive, technological, and market contexts.

The report covers:

  • Segmentations and personas: How can the use of segmentations and personas help brands tailor messaging, content and calls to action around the customer?
  • Customer journeys: How can customer journey mapping inform ecommerce strategy and execution?
  • Channel selection: What are the ‘3Cs’ that guide channel selection, and what opportunities do emerging routes to market like DTC, marketplaces and social commerce present?
  • Omnichannel CX: How can ecommerce teams ensure a seamless shopping experience from first to last touchpoint?
  • Search: What strategies and SEO techniques can businesses use to optimise webpages for paid and organic search to drive traffic to their sites?