Establishing a clear strategy and a robust operational setup is essential for ecommerce success. This report looks at how businesses can establish an operational capability that optimises existing approaches while allowing for experimentation with new models and opportunities.

It is part of Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Best Practice Bundle, which sets out a blueprint for businesses looking to review, update or create their ecommerce proposition amid rapidly shifting competitive, technological, and market contexts.

The report covers:

  • Evolving ecommerce: How are cultural and technological shifts informing how businesses approach ecommerce operations and strategy?
  • The fundamentals: What are the three factors that drive ecommerce success, and what are the ‘9Ps’ underpinning ecommerce capability?
  • Selecting a tech stack: With myriad options available for customising an ecommerce tech stack, what are the key considerations for selecting partners and platforms?
  • Resourcing and structuring: How can resource and workflows be designed for efficiency and agility?
  • Product assortment: What analysis can businesses undertake to determine the right product assortment for their channel mix, and what considerations should be made for customer expectations around packaging and fulfilment?