The Ecommerce Quarterly is a series of presentations by Econsultancy, which curates the latest trends, developments, and statistics in ecommerce.

It is a guide to what is happening right now in ecommerce and what you need to be aware of. This edition of Ecommerce Quarterly is influenced by the impact of Covid-19 and its role in the acceleration of ecommerce and the transformation of modern retail. 

The following topics and more are addressed in this edition of Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Quarterly: 

  • The acceleration of ecommerce growth
  • The transformation of modern retail including:
    • Delivery as a limiting factor in grocery ecommerce
    • The convergence of physical and digital ecommerce
    • Online fashion brands absorbing traditional retail brands
  • Ethical supply chains and sustainability continue to increase in importance, meaning that brands will increasingly need to balance customer experience with environmental impact. This will manifest in terms of how products are produced, packaged, transported and also recycled.

Bringing to life data from the Econsultancy blog, and Econsultancy reports including Digital Transformation Monthly and Digital Shift, the Ecommerce Quarterly is the best of ecommerce in an easy-to-digest format.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this report:

  • Simon Andrews, Founder, Addictive
  • David Williams, Omnichannel, Ecommerce and Digital Leader, DHW Digital
  • Colin Lewis, CMO, OpenJaw, DMX Dublin
  • Vinny O’Brien, Ecommerce Director, Crua Outdoors
  • Aidan Duffy, Ecommerce Consultant
  • Liam Lennon, Director,
  • Emily Ross, CEO, Inkvine Consulting
  • Paul Sweeney, Head of Product, Webio
  • Lynette Saunders, Senior Analyst, Econsultancy
  • Ronan Wall, CEO, Dosen