Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Quarterly curates the latest trends, developments and statistics in ecommerce that you need to know about. This edition covers:

  • Ecommerce trends: How did online spending perform in Q1 2022, and how has it changed since the earliest lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Cost of living crisis: With consumer confidence reportedly at an all-time low since records began and inflation rates soaring, how can businesses best prepare for the economic impact?
  • Cross-border retail: With cross-border retail taking an increasingly large share of ecommerce transactions globally, what impact will Shopify’s new partnership with ecommerce giant have for retailers looking to tap the potential of the Chinese market?
  • Social commerce: Amid a wave of new features from Instagram, Snap and other platforms aimed at democratising social selling, what are the key opportunities for brands?
  • Tech innovations: What do the latest innovations from Pinterest, with its acquisition of AI-powered shopping platform The Yes, and H&M, which is launching a ‘phygital’ shopping experience in Beverly Hills, imply about the future of omnichannel retail and user experience?
  • End of free returns: The fashion giant Zara has announced it will introduce a postal return charge for online purchases. What factors have led to this decision, and will other retailers follow suit?

Bringing to life data from Econsultancy’s articles and regular trend reports, including Digital Transformation Monthly and Digital Shift, Ecommerce Quarterly presents the best insights from ecommerce in an easy-to-digest format.