Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Quarterly curates the latest trends, developments and statistics in ecommerce that you need to know about. This edition covers:

  • Summer sales: Competition among the major retailers sees a flurry of discounting events taking place in July, including Amazon Prime Day, Walmart Deals and Target Circle Week – even TikTok Shop is getting in on the action with Deals for You Days. Will sizzling price drops incentivise weary consumers navigating the cost of living crisis?
  • Cross-border rivals: The runaway success of Shein and Temu has brought the companies under increasing scrutiny, with the EU enforcing tighter restrictions on both, and Shein facing opposition to its plans to launch a London IPO. Will mounting pressure prompt the platforms to review their business practices?
  • Sustainability measures: Across the globe, lawmakers are tightening environmental regulations, with the EU drafting new rules to target packaging waste, the UK granting broader powers to impose greenwashing fines, and China phasing in mandatory sustainability disclosure. How will the ecommerce industry need to respond?
  • International markets: This quarter, Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, takes the spotlight as TikTok finds a workaround for the country’s ban on social commerce – a key move in what is considered one of its most important markets.

Bringing to life data from the latest trend reports and industry updates, Ecommerce Quarterly presents the best insights from ecommerce in an easy-to-digest format.