Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Quarterly curates the latest trends, developments and statistics in ecommerce that you need to know about. This edition covers:

  • Peak season: What do forecasts reveal about the differences in consumer confidence on both sides of the Atlantic, and how has this played out in results from Cyber Week?
  • Retail media: What do the new partnerships between broadcasters and FMCG reveal about the retail media opportunity?
  • Q-commerce: As economic challenges exacerbate problems around profitability and investment, how are q-commerce and grocery delivery brands responding to difficult market conditions?
  • Indian ecommerce: With the world’s third largest online shopper base, how is India looking to expand ecommerce in the country, and what are the signals it’s working?
  • Statistics and trends: What does the latest analysis suggest about consumer priorities and the global spending landscape?

Bringing to life data from Econsultancy’s articles and regular trend reports, including Digital Transformation Monthly and Digital Shift, Ecommerce Quarterly presents the best insights from ecommerce in an easy-to-digest format.