What you’ll learn from this report

  • An introduction to the search for an appropriate platform provider
  • How to successfuly evaluate your proposed providers
  • What requirements should receive special consideration
  • Which areas are key to your site’s ongoing and continued commercial success

Who is this document aimed at?

The form is primarily aimed at organisations looking for an ecommerce platform solution or reviewing the capabilities of their current technology with a view to replatforming.

It should be used in conjunction with the Ecommerce Platforms Buyer’s Guide, which is relevant to anyone interested in understanding the current state of the marketplace and range of platforms.

Those looking for an ecommerce platform and/or integrator should also consult  our Ecommerce RFP templates.

Features of the report

This 50+ page document suggests a method of choosing a suitable ecommerce platform provider.


Chris Lofts has worked in ecommerce for the past 14 years, helping companies set up and run transactional websites.

Starting out in the agency sector, where his clients included Halfords, Lakeland, Links of London, TM Lewin and Herbert Smith, for the past seven years, Chris has worked on a freelance basis providing business analysis, project management and consultancy to a range of companies including L’Oreal, TLC Marketing and The Post Office.