From Amazon to ASOS, and from high-street retailers to ‘mom-and-pop’ stores, ecommerce is now mainstream. It’s growing exponentially, and now includes a much wider range of domains, and a wider range of expertise required – even compared to just a few years ago.

Listen to this webinar to gain the latest best practice insight and advice that will help you refine your existing ecommerce strategies and create ecommerce propositions from scratch. We’ll walk you through two key frameworks on how to think through ecommerce today, and provide tips on how to optimise your results.

Facilitated by Econsultancy Senior Research Analyst Lynette Saunders and Colin Lewis. This webinar will cover:

  • The 9Ps of Ecommerce – Platform, Partner, Performance, Profile & Personas, Products, Propositions, People – learn how to apply the framework that encompasses all the individual domains that most ecommerce businesses have.
  • The 4Cs of Ecommerce – Customer journey, Channels, Customer Acquisition, Conversion Rate Optimisation – discover the processes that underpin all ecommerce businesses.
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Ecommerce – We’ll deconstruct DTC models and explain how these are evolving.
  • Ecommerce tips and tricks – Gain a multitude of practical tips that you can apply to individual aspects of ecommerce to help maximise your results.


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